Established in 1961, with 35 member countries, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) aims to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world.
Through an extensive network of specialists, OECD measures productivity and global flows of trade and investment. Publishing more than 250 new titles per year, OECD sets international standards on a wide range of issues, from agriculture and tax to the safety of chemicals.

The OECD provides a meeting place for thousands of experts where different government institutions can work together to share experiences and seek solutions to common problems. As the main challenge, Helmes is supporting and developing a set of applications – a contact and management system - that will support OECD’s core function – hosting different forums.

There are additional four teams from Helmes working with the OECD Headquarters in Paris on many different systems:
- Set of different internet applications
- Statistics module development;
- Publishing and documentation management;
- Collaboration tools for external and internal users.

We use a hybrid team model, where developers are located in Estonia and France. Usually the most mission-critical projects require our developers to work on-site for security reasons. Also, each new team member is required to spend 3 weeks of the knowledge transfer period in Paris.

Helmes is providing resources for profiles like scrum masters, developers & lead developers, quality assurance, deployment, stress testing and analysis, while OECD provides team lead, product owner and business analyst roles.

"Competent, forthright and proactive; our interaction with Helmes has grown steadily over the last three years and they are now our main software development partner in the network and dissemination management area"

– Douglas PatersonHead of Information Dissemination Systems at OECD

Safran Identity & Security

Safran Identity & Security (formerly known as Morpho) is a global leader in security and identity solutions, deploying solutions in more than 100 countries. They employ more than 8,700 people in 57 countries and generated revenues of nearly €1.9 billion in 2015.

Safran Group and Helmes jointly won the contract to supply the Advanced Passenger Information and Passenger Name Record (API-PNR) data processing solution for the Estonian Ministry of the Interior.

We started out by establishing a cross-European working group based out of Tallinn and Paris. The core system was provided by Morpho which was then customized and installed by Helmes.

The system fulfills all of the latest border security related requirements and helps government agencies detect persons of interest and identify suspicious patterns through API-PNR data collection and processing, smart data analysis and alert management.

"It really took me by surprise how fast we were able to have people working in sync between Tallinn and Paris. This is realized via daily calls and monthly visits (via direct flights)."

– Einar ArroProject Manager

Estonian Air Navigation Service

Estonian Air Navigation Service is a modern, rapidly developing company whose sole owner is the Republic of Estonia. Their main activity is provision of air navigation services in the Tallinn Flight Information Region, covering the airspace over Estonian territory and some segments over the international waters that are delegated to Estonia under the ICAO Convention.

With the increased flight schedule, the manual way of checking flights and generating invoices was no longer feasible.

We created a system to match the flights that took place against the flights that were booked and generate invoices accordingly. This was integrated into the existing ERP solution and developed according to numerous standards that regulate the global and European air navigation services.

"Developments in the aviation field are system-critical, which is why Helmes was brought in."

– Valli RennigLead Developer

State Forest Management Centre

Estonia is one of the most forest-rich countries in the world – approximately 2.2 million hectares – that’s half the land area – is covered by forest. Roughly 40% of Estonian forests belong to the Estonian state. These forests are maintained, grown and managed by the State Forest Management Centre (RMK).

Managing the vast amount of different jobs with first and third party contractors via e-mail took too much time and led to avoidable errors, indicating a need for a single platform to handle all related processes.

We created a mobile-first platform that allows workers in the field to plan and order resources straight on the map via a tablet device. The map solution has various layers of different data and information about the resources available to plan out the best and most cost-effective solution for the required task. The platform is deeply integrated into corporate ERP.

"The map solution allows personnel to manage and create any kind of resources on the map, on-site and on-the-fly, thus saving time and providing the most up-to-date information for decision-making."

– René OrumanTeam Leader


Betsson is the leading iGaming software developer and online gambling provider. The company’s Core Business consists of investing and administering shareholdings in companies that, through partners or by themselves, offer games to end users via the internet.

Customers are primarily from the Nordic countries and other parts of Europe. Betsson AB is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Large Cap List (BETS).

In the highly competiive iGaming field, it’s essential to offer the most innovative games and systems, which in turn creates an insatiable appetite for recruiting new talented developers and creating efficient development teams from them.

With Playtech leading the way, there have always been iGaming development centers in Estonia which means that at any given time Helmes employs several people (both development and managerial side) with past iGaming experience that is valued by our current customers. We started out with a simple body-lease deal and, after enough trust was earned, moved to a dedicated team model with Helmes team working side-by-side with Betsson’s internal teams.

"Working for Betsson is an excellent display of how cross-national and cross-company teams can work in sync. "

– Meelis ZujevTeam Leader

Jiffy Products Estonia

Jiffy Products Estonia is part of the Jiffy Group – a leading worldwide supplier of environmentally friendly propagation systems, hydroponic systems, growing containers and substrates for the horticultural industry.

Due to the need of implementing a corporate ERP (Axapta), the previous way of gathering work logs, production numbers and fuel costs to papers and different Excel sheets finally became unmaintainable and a modern solution was needed.

Helmes mapped and improved the whole process so that now there is only one initial instance of data input. The system has a standalone Android application and a responsive desktop environment for the field workers to enter the production information from the field. This data is then edited and approved by their manager and bookkeepers who will use the system to calculate taxes, wages, production statistics etc.

"When it seemed that I needed to employ extra personnel just to handle data entry, I knew that the solution had to be elsewhere. It was our first IT project and Helmes was with us every step of the way."

– Karmo LeemetCEO, Jiffy Production

King’s College London

King's College London is home to The Twins Early Development Study (TEDS), involving over 15,000 pairs of twins. The main goal of TEDS is to use behavioral genetic methods to find out how nature (genes) and nurture (environments) can explain why people differ with respect to their cognitive abilities, learning abilities and behaviors.

The challenge was to make the tedious and hard cognitive capacity measuring test process more fun – thus reducing dropouts – while keeping the data scientifically valid.

We created a gamified test platform for which we created digital versions of tests previously done on paper. An overarching medieval-themed fantasy story was written to give the tests context. The player/test subject was kept engaged with an ever developing visual (a computer-game-style castle being built).

"Being a small part of the lifelong study, which has already made groundbreaking discoveries, is something that we are all proud of."

– Martin LeetProject Manager

Axell Claims

Axell Claims is an insurance industry innovator from Netherlands who removes inefficient bureaucracy from the insurance processes and brings human contact back into it. Combining the insights from the most recent social studies with long-term industry expertise Axell Claims has managed to remove up to ¼ of the recovery and processing time of bodily insurance claims.

The business challenge of Axell Claims is delivering the innovative tools efficiently with short time-to-market while providing maximum usability for fast adoption.

Helmes has helped translate the business needs and insights into attractive and usable online services. The aim has been to transform the once paper based inefficient industry black box into transparent online meeting room for all parties of insurance business. Helmes has designed and developed the services of online portals (bodily insurance claim handling) and (income protection insurance buying process).


Audatex is one of the core brands of Solera Holding, Inc. It is the only global insurance claims solutions provider that serves the automotive industry, providing end-to-end claims solutions that connect insurers, repairers, vehicle manufacturers and other parties to a claim. Solera processes over 230 million transactions annually, serving 180,000 customers across over 75 countries – that’s seven transactions every second.

Audatex aims for quick expansion around the world by bringing their platform into local markets and by bringing it into accordance with local regulations. To do that, Audatex needs Helmes as a proven software development partner possessing not only technical knowledge of the platform but experience implementing requirements for various countries on four continents.

AudaNet is a comprehensive, web-based platform for all parties involved in the claim settlement process. AudaNet gives its users the possibility to enter vehicle and damage data faster and in a more convenient manner, calculate repair costs, exchange estimates and other data in a secure channel. This ensures data security, confidentiality, timely transfer and reliability.

"The Helmes team truly understand our business and its requirements. They ask the right questions"

– Cees van DijkSenior Director Product & Development, Audatex Switzerland


Kuehne + Nagel is a leading global provider of innovative and fully integrated supply chain solutions with 125 years of history. K+N is the largest sea freight and second largest air freight forwarder in the world and third largest road transport provider in Europe. Tailored IT and logistics solutions for various industries also secure the second position in global contract logistics.

In the era of smart digitization the world class supply chain automation and well integrated user-friendly business platforms have become crucial for K+N to retain and improve its position as an industry leader.

KN FreightNet for Seafreight is a convenient online solution that allows users to get quotes and book less-than-container-load (LCL) shipments worldwide in just a few simple steps. In a few clicks, business customers all over the world are able to obtain a binding LCL quote. This new solution created a convenient tool for existing long-term corporate customers and at the same time attracts a whole cloud of new small- and medium-sized customers who are looking for ways of planning their own shipments. (

TradeLOG is an efficiency tool for road transport operators and procurement managers. The tool allows validation of cost calculations for road hauling by subcontractors. It takes into account all major components – mileage, road tolls, driver and equipment cost, fuel prices in different countries etc. System allowed K+N to improve the price negotiation practice with its forwarders and secure up to 2.5% savings on costs.

Physical Monitoring is a tool for digital monitoring and visibility of temperature sensitive cargo in various types of transport – mostly for pharmaceutical shipments in the air and on the road. The system is integrated with cloud of sensors and allows setting up different temperature patterns and alarm scenarios for each parcel. The solution was granted the “Best Use of RFID to Enhance a Product or Service” award of 2015 by global RFID Journal. (


Estonia is known around the world for its electronic public services thanks to clever IT architecture and a forward-looking government. Almost entirely covered by fiber-optic lines and 4G, the country is also a world leader in Internet freedom. Exchanges between government, people and companies are fully electronic, increasing accessibility and transparency and reducing red tape. For example, 95% of income tax returns are now filed online, and doctors write 98% of prescriptions in digital form. The pillars of the digital society is the secure data exchange channel, called X-road, and digital ID.

The state is continuing to develop the accessibility and transparency of its public services underpinned by electronic services and information systems.. Increasing emphasis is being placed on service design, because information systems are only one requirement for a functional e-service. The government’s goals for communication with citizens are efficiency, flexibility and security and an ever-more innovative and flexible business environment.

For the last 15 years, Helmes on has been building the e-state in fields such as:

  • central government – state budget management, heading up the shared service center, and self-service interfaces for various agencies
  • e-voting
  • e-justice - court management, e-cases
  • security – e-police, e-prisoner, flight management, border systems
  • social services – social aid management, unemployment self-service
  • agriculture – self services, surveillance systems, forest management
  • e-health – digital prescriptions, hospital information systems, central patient administration
  • utilities – waste management
  • municipalities – public parking management, public transport management

2Park Technologies

2Park Technologies is a Norwegian startup developing a highly innovative and future-proof system for the parking industry – AUTOPAY. The system already handles more than 100,000 daily parking sessions in 6 Nordic countries and it keeps attracting new clients at a very fast rate. 2Park Technologies successfully combines half a century’s worth of experience in the parking industry with cutting-edge technology and a novel approach to parking management.

The core of commercial parking management has rapidly shifted from brick and mortar to information technology, and AUTOPAY is a driving force in changing the paradigm. AUTOPAY has an ambitious goal – to make parking payments fully automatic.

For the end users, it means a totally contactless parking experience: being powered by optical license plate recognition to identify the client and determine charges for the sessions, AUTOPAY bids good-bye not only to barriers, coins and parking fines but even to mobile phones and smartphone apps. For parking facility operators, AUTOPAY means quick and affordable setup of parking solutions, increased profitability and streamlined customer experience.

In addition to the focus on service design and usability, everything built needs to be highly scalable and planned well ahead as the system keeps growing. Reliability is paramount to the level of every technical component, from a snippet of code to redundancy of the hardware is critical.

"2Park Technologies combines the extreme competence in the parking business with trust in our technical expertise. It’s a good platform for choosing optimal solutions to fit the business needs best."

– Maarit MaremäeTeam Leader

Telia Company

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Telia Company is the largest telecommunication operator in Northern Europe. With a presence in Eurasian markets, it boasts more than 25 million subscribers and over 20,000 employees in total. Telia Company is known as for innovating and pioneering technological changes in its respective markets.

The telecommunications sector is under pressure from various forces – regulatory (e.g. the push for lower roaming charges), technological (new powerful market entrants such as Google or Apple), customer-oriented (the expectation of ever better customer experience). The time to technologically adapt to these changes is often limited, which makes an agile approach to (re)creating Telia’s information systems paramount.

Helmes has taken the leading role in developing and integrating global information systems aimed at tracking the full lifecycle of electronics devices sold by Telia Company – from purchasing to logistics to sales and aftersales systems. These systems feature dozens of integrations with Telia’s internal and external applications. As a result, they consolidate data from various sources and allow for real-time process tracking and optimization as well as backward analytics.

"The system delivered by Helmes has gained a very good reputation, both as a state-of-the-art logistics monitoring system and as a team cooperation model."

– Arild StrømhyldenTelia Company Global Delivery Project Manager

4+ yearsof cooperation

  • agile practices
  • distributed teams
  • nearshoring
  • .NET
  • Office365
  • advanced frontend
  • React/Redux
  • Office.js
  • MS Sharepoint 2016
  • Java 8
  • MarkLogic
  • RESTful APIs
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle

1+ yearsof cooperation

  • Z509 certification
  • API
  • PNR
  • multi criteria search
  • data masking
  • profiling

10+ yearsof cooperation

  • .NET
  • air navigation
  • invoicing
  • automation
  • payments
  • air control

10+ yearsof cooperation

  • Java
  • Jenkins
  • forestry
  • GPS
  • resource planning
  • map layers

3+ yearsof cooperation

  • .NET
  • igaming
  • casino
  • poker
  • sportsbetting
  • wallet

2+ yearsof cooperation

  • Android
  • Java
  • Axapta
  • manufacturing
  • production
  • data entry automation
  • peat production

2+ yearsof cooperation

  • gamification
  • Java
  • e-learning
  • cognitive performance
  • feedback
  • university

6+ yearsof cooperation

  • PHP
  • insurance
  • self-service
  • sensitive data handling
  • security
  • claim handling
  • paperless office
  • mijnclaim
  • mijnaov
  • social studies
  • personal injury claims
  • human interface
  • claimant empowerment

8+ yearsof cooperation

  • Java
  • J2EE
  • Oracle EclipseLink
  • React
  • Web Services
  • Servlets
  • Ajax
  • JSP
  • XSL
  • Data Tools
  • data mining

4+ yearsof cooperation

  • smart logistics
  • RFID
  • supply chain visibility
  • cost control tools
  • IoT
  • web self-service
  • GIS

15+ yearsof cooperation

  • e-state
  • budgeting
  • consolidation
  • SAP
  • shared service center
  • vacation management
  • travel management
  • education management
  • asset management
  • cash-based budgeting
  • accrual-based budgeting
  • action-based budgeting
  • e-voting
  • self-service
  • x-road
  • Mobile ID
  • ID card
  • system integration
  • digital prescription
  • hospital information system

3+ years of cooperation

  • service design
  • UI/UX
  • IoT
  • scalable solutions
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • web services
  • RabbitMQ
  • Android
  • Mobile App Development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • mobile payment
  • optical character recognition
  • JavaScript
  • ExtJS
  • SaaS
  • Corporate Startups

15+ yearsof cooperation

  • supply chain management
  • device lifecycle management
  • order tracking
  • statistics
  • analytics
  • Purchasing
  • outbound logistics
  • .NET
  • C#
  • competitive price tracking
  • price negotiations