Our success stories

"The system delivered by Helmes has gained a very good reputation, both as a state of the art logistics monitoring system and as a team cooperation model"

Arild Strømhylden, Telia Company Global Delivery Project Manager

  • Helmes and the OECD: A Successful 4-Country Teamwork for Software Development

    Helmes and the OECD: A Successful 4-Country Teamwork for Software Development

    The OECD provides a meeting place for thousands of experts where different government institutions can work together to share experiences and seek solutions to common problems. As the main challenge, Helmes is supporting and developing a set of applications – a contact and management system – that will support OECD’s core function – hosting different forums.e around the world.
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  • How New Software can Make a Self-Checkout Blazingly Fast!

    How New Software can Make a Self-Checkout Blazingly Fast!

    How do you change self-checkout in retail? By making it even faster and more comfortable, a seamless experience that defies the customers’ expectations. Helmes and Telia teamed up with a Finnish company Turck Vilant Systems to develop our new concept. We said goodbye to barcodes and beeping noises and said hello to RFID (radio-frequency identification) stickers.
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  • 6 Things We’ve Learned Developing Software with a Chinese Partner

    6 Things We’ve Learned Developing Software with a Chinese Partner

    Helmes has been partners with a Chinese-Estonian joint venture, Post11, for nearly two years. It has been an interesting experience getting to know the Chinese way of looking at things and has had an interesting learning curve for us. We understand now better some of the basics of what it takes to develop software in cooperation with a Chinese partner.
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  • Solera Audatex Insurance Automation Software for End-to-End Claims Management

    Solera Audatex Insurance Automation Software for End-to-End Claims Management

    Helmes is working with Solera Audatex on Audanet, which facilitates communication between insurance companies, repair shops, assessors, and others. The main product on Audanet enables insurance companies to send cases to assessors to estimate costs and to repair shops for mending. Calculations can be checked against rules defined by the insurance company. Also, various support modules are used.
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  • How an On-Demand Staffing App Disrupts Temporary Staff Management

    How an On-Demand Staffing App Disrupts Temporary Staff Management

    Many organizations and service providers who employ temps spend a lot of time and money on resolving staff management. Norwegian company STEPIFI decided to change that and create an on-demand staffing app that makes substituting labor efficient and cost-effective.
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  • Telia Supply Chain Management Information System

    Telia Supply Chain Management Information System

    Implementation involves integration with almost 30 different information systems; in each country the supply chain management information system interfaces with different ERP solutions (e.g. SAP, Scala, Oracle, Oracle 1B, EBS and custom ERP systems), the warehouse, couriers’ systems, the provider’s information systems (such as Nokia, Samsung and Apple), and so on.
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  • Safran Identity & Security

    Safran Identity & Security

    Safran Identity & Security (formerly known as Morpho) is a global leader in security and identity solutions, deploying solutions in more than 100 countries. Safran Group and Helmes jointly won the contract to supply the Advanced Passenger Information and Passenger Name Record (API-PNR) data processing solution for the Estonian Ministry of the Interior.
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  • Estonian Air Navigation Service

    Estonian Air Navigation Service

    Estonian Air Navigation Service is a modern, rapidly developing company whose sole owner is the Republic of Estonia. With the increased flight schedule, the manual way of checking flights and generating invoices was no longer feasible.
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  • State Forest Management Centre

    State Forest Management Centre

    Estonia is one of the most forest-rich countries in the world – approximately 2.2 million hectares – that’s half the land area – is covered by forest. These forests are maintained, grown and managed by the State Forest Management Centre (RMK). Managing the vast amount of different jobs with first and third party contractors via e-mail took too much time and led to avoidable errors, indicating a need for a single platform to handle all related processes.
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  • Betsson


    Betsson is the leading iGaming software developer and online gambling provider. In the highly competitive iGaming field, it’s essential to offer the most innovative games and systems, which in turn creates an insatiable appetite for recruiting new talented developers and creating efficient development teams from them.
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  • Jiffy Products Estonia

    Jiffy Products Estonia

    Jiffy Products Estonia is part of the Jiffy Group – a leading worldwide supplier of environmentally friendly propagation systems, hydroponic systems, growing containers and substrates for the horticultural industry. Due to the need of implementing a corporate ERP (Axapta), the previous way of gathering work logs, production numbers and fuel costs to papers and different Excel sheets finally became unmaintainable and a modern solution was needed.
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  • King’s College London

    King’s College London

    King's College London is home to The Twins Early Development Study (TEDS), involving over 15,000 pairs of twins. The challenge was to make the tedious and hard cognitive capacity measuring test process more fun – thus reducing dropouts – while keeping the data scientifically valid.
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  • Axell Claims

    Axell Claims

    Axell Claims is an insurance industry innovator from Netherlands who removes inefficient bureaucracy from the insurance processes and brings human contact back into it. The business challenge of Axell Claims is delivering the innovative tools efficiently with short time-to-market while providing maximum usability for fast adoption.
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  • Audatex


    Audatex aims for quick expansion around the world by bringing their platform into local markets and by bringing it into accordance with local regulations. To do that, Audatex needs Helmes as a proven software development partner possessing not only technical knowledge of the platform but experience implementing requirements for various countries on four continents.
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  • Kuehne+Nagel


    Kuehne + Nagel is a leading global provider of innovative and fully integrated supply chain solutions with 125 years of history. In the era of smart digitization, the world class supply chain automation and well integrated user-friendly business platforms have become crucial for K+N to retain and improve its position as an industry leader.
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  • e-Estonia


    Estonia is known around the world for its electronic public services thanks to clever IT architecture and a forward-looking government
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  • 2Park Technologies

    2Park Technologies

    2Park Technologies is a Norwegian startup developing a highly innovative and future-proof system for the parking industry – the AUTOPAY. The core of commercial parking management has rapidly shifted from brick and mortar to information technology, and AUTOPAY is a driving force in changing the paradigm. AUTOPAY has an ambitious goal – to make parking payments fully automatic.
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  • Telia Company

    Telia Company

    Helmes has taken the leading role in developing and integrating global information systems aimed at tracking the full lifecycle of electronics devices sold by Telia Company – from purchasing to logistics to sales and aftersales systems. olm, Sweden.
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