Data Analytics as It Should Be

Unlock the power of your data

Data analytics gives a company the ability to analyze raw data and discover trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost or overlooked.

Transforming data into better and faster business decisions is our specialty at Helmes, and we are always looking for customers that need international experience and a partner that can rapidly respond to your requirements.

If you would like to make your decisions with the best analysis of your data available, Helmes can help.

Unlock the power of your data

Data Analytics Services

Microsoft Power BI Services

You can’t make sound business decisions by looking at ugly data charts; your business and your employees deserve better. With the help of software packages such as Microsoft Power BI, Helmes can develop interactive data visualizations to augment your business decisions.

Data Analysis

A data file with 10 million lines in it is only valuable if you can transform and model it into insights that optimize your decision-making processes. Give us a file, and you’ll be able to add concrete insights from the data that will make your management decisions more efficient and precise.

Data Audit

Data scattered in different locations and processes is something we see far too often. With a data audit, Helmes can collate a massive amount of data for you into a common location, add enhanced security, and get it ready to be used by you for the best possible insights.

Cloud Data Warehouse

Keeping your data safe helps keep your business safe. Cloud-based or on-premise data warehousing solutions we work with, such as Azure SQL Server, Databricks, Synapse Analytics, or Data Factory, can be part of the answer. If you are planning on hiring a data expert, we can offer top-of-the-line service and experience. We can help you do it right the first time.

Data Strategy

Working out a master strategy for your data can save you money and headaches down the road. Your company can do it yourself, but we can speed up the process for you, helping you ask the right questions to develop your fundamental approach to handling, processing, and learning from your data.

Data Science and Machine Learning

If your company is already a super-advanced data user and ready to jump to the era of machine learning, big data, and data mining, let’s make that jump together. We know how to make sure you are not falling into traps created by technology, process, or design.

Working with Helmes

Helmes has been a valuable partner to us on multiple occasions. Their BI team understands our and our clients’ needs and acts accordingly, providing a tailored solution each and every time.
Ulrik Proitz
Co-founder & CEO at fluxLoop
Delivering millions of parcels between continents means our data sets are huge. We used to wait for a long time to get necessary information for management decisions. Helmes set up our Data Warehouse and Power BI dashboards in Azure cloud. We are now able to make adjustments in strategy many times faster than before.
Ardi Ratassepp
CEO at Post11

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