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Quick Start

Quick Start is a crucial element when starting a new project.

Quick Start takes paramount importance when:

  • You would like to validate your business case
  • A vision for your business transformation
  • You want to optimize your business with IT solutions

Read how we implement quick start by crafting tailored analysis.


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We specialize in

Design, development, maintenance and aftercare of their most business-critical software solutions and the most complex system integration projects, with which our partners trust us.

Our Specialization:

  • Creation of custom software solutions
  • Licensing solutions for ready-made software
  • Integration of software and IOT
  • Consulting

Plus, the teams pride themselves in knowing how to make the correct choice between custom and ready-made software.

Learn more about cooperation opportunities:

Our clients

Our clients are the leading telecom operators, banks and insurance companies, logistics corporations and government institutions with headquarters mostly in Europe.

Partnership and Work Culture

Partnership of equals

Partnership of equals

A good partnership lasts decades. Helmes’ clients remain with us due to our tailored team model, where a dedicated team is servicing their daily requirements – placing them at the core of our customer relationship.

Tied to your success

Tied to your success

Every Helmes employee who works with your product is financially tied to its success. The result is a highly-motivated team that takes full responsibility for your end product.

Thinking along with you

Within you dedicated team, each team member, from Senior to programmer, is in line with your business goals and can contribute to them.

Agile 2.0

Agile 2.0

Agile 2.0 is achieved through being Agile, as opposed to merely following Agile methodology.

Agile thrives only in cultures purposefully cultivated to host it. At Helmes, our entire approach to the individual and the team — and the motivation and compensation of both — is built in the name of being Agile.

The Helmes Way

The Helmes Way

At Helmes, we’ve created a culture where the excitement is in creating the client’s product.

Sleep pods, red bull fridges or ping pong tables are nice, but we are more passionate about curving the rules of possible and doing the impossible!

Our culture is defined by a different way of hiring, team building, working, and compensating.

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