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We build software to build your business.

Agile 2.0

Agile 2.0 is achieved through being Agile, as opposed to merely following Agile methodology.

Agile thrives only in cultures purposefully cultivated to host it. At Helmes, our entire approach to the individual and the team — and the motivation and compensation of both — is built in the name of being Agile.

Partnership of equals

A good partnership can last decades. Most of our clients have never left us. We’re happy to put you in touch with them so you can find out why.

Thinking along with you

Sure, senior IT people have to understand your business. But at Helmes you’ll find that quality at the programmer level. We do whatever it takes to learn your business well enough to contribute to it.

Tied to your success – literally

Every Helmes employee who works on your product is financially tied to its success. The result is a highly-motivated team that takes full responsibility for the end product.

The Helmes Way

At Helmes we’ve created a culture where the excitement is in creating the client’s product, not the social life surrounding the company.

This is a remarkable achievement in a day and age of IT companies competing for employees with ping pong tables and free food. (We have a rarely-used ping pong table but no free food!)

Our culture is marked by a different way of hiring, team building, working, and compensating.

We’re growing. We’re hiring!

Helmes is growing and hiring. If you’re an IT professional who gets excited about amazing software that solves real world problems, then we may be made for each other. Get in touch!