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More than 500 organizations, including Airbus, Telia, OECD, CERN, and Kuehne&Nagel have entrusted us with their digitalization projects. Our customers often rank us as the best external software development partner.
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Our top customers have trusted us to develop their business-critical software for over 13 years on average. And we are often ranked best external development partner by our customers.​

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Helmes’ ability to motivate and empower top talent has made us one of the most sought-after employers for IT professionals. We plot, monitor, and execute ten-year career development paths, which translates into an unrivaled environment for team performance.

I’m really impressed by Helmes’ culture. It’s pleasantly Nordic: caring and autonomous, yet at the same time it has the power to be bold and effective. All the managers are extremely approachable and supportive. I feel I have the freedom to pursue my goals with all the backup when needed. It’s a great feeling.
Tiina Link
Business Developer
I really enjoy the team spirit. I have the best team in the world, though it seems that everyone at Helmes has the best team in the world. You’re always greeted with a smile when you arrive, and you have all the mentoring and support you need to tackle even the most complex challenges.
Cassio Korogui
Lead Developer
Thanks to the unique Helmes team model, my team has a lot of freedom to try out new approaches and do exactly what works best for us and our customer. We are independent in what we do and how we do it, and in my opinion this is a great opportunity to design our own path for growth and learning. Helmes people are some of the coolest I have ever met, and I get to hang out with them every day!
Esther Lätte
Team Lead

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We’ve developed software for more than 500 international organizations over our 30-year history.







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Custom software development

We have a long history of creating custom software solutions and our teams pride themselves on knowing how to make the correct choice between custom and ready-made software.

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