Business Software Alchemists

Custom software development for your business challenges.

We are an international custom software development company, with clients across the world. The long-term success of Helmes is built on lasting partnerships that delivers tangible business gains for our clients.

Our clients

For over 30 years in business we have provided custom software development services to more than 500 organizations. Our clients are the leading telecom operators, banks, insurance companies, logistics corporations, healthcare providers and government institutions.
OECD 8+ years
Kuehne + Nagel 8+ years
Solera 12+ years
Telia Company 20+ years
Axell Claims 11+ years
e-Estonia 20+ years
Safran Identity & Security 5+ years
Estonian Air Navigation Service 14+ years
State Forest Management Centre 14+ years
Betsson 8+ years
King’s College London 3+ years
2Park Technologies 10+ years
The North Estonia Medical Centre 16+ years
Jiffy Products Estonia 6+ years
Tallinn 11+ years
Baltic Ticket Holdings 11+ years
Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund 11+ years
fluxLoop 4+ years
Post11 3+ years
PrimeKey 3+ years
STEPIFI 4+ years
Telema 12+ years
  • Helmes offices

We have an awesome multi-story headquarter in Estonian capital Tallinn. Estonia is a country where revolutionary consumer, enterprise and government solutions for global markets are created. We are proud to be one of the most respected custom software development companies in this forward- thinking country. Our development centers are in Mumbai, Minsk, Riga, Tartu and Brest, and consulting boutiques in San Diego and New York.

Our Expertise

We have 30+ years of experience in custom software development and complex system integration projects, which empowers us to deliver any level of complexity solutions to all industries.
  • Telecom

  • Banking

  • Insurance

  • Logistics

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

Custom software development

We have a long history of creating custom solutions and our teams pride themselves in knowing how to make the correct choice between custom and ready-made software.

Our projects range from databases to self-serving platforms and our custom software development capabilities are almost limitless.

Our specialization:

  • Custom software solutions and software consulting
  • Enterprise system integration, incl. IOT
  • Business consulting and digital transformation
  • Data-driven and real-time economy solutions
  • Tailor-made machine learning implementation

How to start?

We are using the Quick Start model for a smooth onboarding of new projects. Quick Start is a thorough analysis of a business’s IT infrastructure and project ideas by a top-gun analyst, to get a holistic picture of your project.

Contact us to find out how Quick Start can boost your business and empowers your company to fast-to-market your project.

Quick Start takes paramount importance when:

  • You would like to validate your business case.
  • A vision for your business transformation.
  • You want to optimize your business with software solutions.

Charity projects

Even though custom software development is our passion, we do care about many other things as well. On a company level we contribute to the following initiatives.

Something Special

In April 2014, we started and continue the annual Collective Investment Program „Something Special“. We place 5% of our profits into the fund every year for the use of which the employees can present proposals and vote for the best proposal. As a result of the ideas presented by the employees and voting, currently ca 50,000 euros of the fund’s resources have been equally allocated to two intended purposes:

  • helping sick children whom the national medical system does not help;
  • assisting disabled people to obtain IT knowledge and engage them in work.

Education Innovation Fund

We have teamed up with other Estonian entrepreneurs to set up a philanthropy fund, which aims to offer seed capital for innovative solutions, principally in secondary education in Estonia, with a target spend of over €1 million, which it already has to hand, over the next three years.

Developing students’ knowledge in the sciences, creativity and their ability to work in a team, which are the key competences of modern economy, are a focus of the program.