Helmes Became a Software Development Partner for the European Space Agency

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Ian Nelis
Team Lead

Helmes started working with the European Space Agency (ESA) to update the ESA running activities portal and add new core features to the platform. As a benchmark for agile software development, Helmes got the first portal update live in one month.

According to Helmes’s senior partner Tarmo Kiivit, starting cooperation with very large organizations is always time-consuming, but as soon as the first iteration is done as a result of agile software development, the client can see the advantages of a new approach.

Helmes´ goal together with ESA is to increase the usability of the portal, and the first six months of cooperation brought some good results – relevant features to make the platform useful and usable have been released.

The European Space Agency has 22 member states and their programs aim to learn more about Earth, its immediate surroundings, our solar system, and the universe as a whole. Through the activities portal updated by Helmes, companies, and universities with running contracts with ESA can provide relevant details to the public, disseminate interim results, and efficiently exchange with ESA experts during the project. Most recent activities are listed on the ESA website.

It is important to offer value to the customer by showing how complex and established IT systems can be developed agilely and flexibly, and how to quickly bring new products and services to the market.

Our cooperation with ESA will continue, product development with the portal will continue, and we hope to offer them our long-term software development experience in other projects as well.

With activities.esa.int ESA aims to provide an easy and modern way for its contractors to disseminate interim results of their running activities. ESA was looking for a fast and agile approach to release new features which is very much in line with HELMES philosophy.

Our cooperation with Helmes already resulted in some good progress for the portal which starts to become a core asset for running space R&D activities of ESA

ESA’s representative Moritz Fontaine

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Ian Nelis
Team Lead
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