Here you can find the events that Helmes will be holding and participating in. Follow us on social media for the latest news and updates: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

Past events

  • Helmes Summer Days

    28-29th of July

    Helmes Summer Days

    It is then when the weather is still warm and the sun still shines (occasionally). It is somewhere in Latvia and Helmes` people from Tallinn and Minsk. There is an inspiration, there is fun, there is teamwork…like it should be…always.

  • Helmes Hack Day

    14th of June

    Helmes Hack Day

    Hack Day at Helmes forms a habit of collaborative discovery: testing, failing, learning and sharing the story. With a target of getting to a working prototype in a single day.

  • Helmes @Geek Out

    8-9 of June

    Helmes @Geek Out

    Helmes´ team took part in a Java Technology Conference, a full-blown, two-day show for developers. The focus of the conference is on Java, the JVM, covering developer tooling, solution architecture, programming methodologies, continuous delivery and programming languages for the JVM platform. GeekOut focuses on ideas and communication – rather than on the number of talks and pitches. Our speakers, partners and exhibitors are hand-picked based on their technology and contribution to the Java community.

  • Inspiration Week

    Inspiration Week

    Do you feel like you need a hit from a warm inspiration wave to fulfil your inspiration chakras?

    Our people are hungry for that. So, we launched Helmes Inspiration Week as a new series of 1-hour live talks which are brought to them each day during the first week of April and October, with the aim of making us feel as inspired as possible.

    Because inspired people are happier and make extraordinary things happen!