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At Helmes, we recognize that efficient and effective software solutions are essential for your success. That’s why we’re committed to offering you a nearshore software development experience tailored to your requirements.
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Your trusted nearshore software partner

Join over 500 satisfied organizations who have entrusted us with their software development needs. With a global team of 1,400+ skilled professionals across 14 locations, we’re committed to crafting software solutions that precisely match your business needs.

Our customers find our services exceptional

Our top 15 customers have been with us for more than 10 years on average, trusting us with the development of their business-critical software. 

Our customers find our service quality outstanding. We have an NPS of 61 in an industry where 30 is considered very good.

We don’t just build software — we build business relationships. Our early insights and end results routinely exceed customer expectations.

We are often ranked as the best external software development partner by our customers.

Digital innovation services

Custom software development

Custom software is the engine for digital innovation. From databases to self-service platforms, our custom software development capabilities are almost limitless.

Mobile app development

Mobile solutions is a Helmes core competence — enterprise-grade and full-cycle mobile app development tailored to your needs.

Data & analytics

We work with major business intelligence and data warehouse platforms, on Google, AWS and Azure clouds, as well as on premise.


“Design” means research-based solutions that are validated by end-users’ needs and offer real value.

Legacy software modernization

A unit of experienced specialists are able to successfully maintain and modernize your legacy software systems.

IT audit

To get a project into development quickly, turn to a top-gun analyst for a thorough analysis of IT infrastructure.
We speak your language
React Native

Talking tech

It will come as no surprise that we employ a broad stack of technologies. Where we differ is that our teams pride themselves on knowing how to select and use multiple technologies to achieve your single, business-critical goal.

Social responsibility

Even though custom software development is our passion, we do care about many other things as well. On a company level, we contribute to the following initiatives.

We focus on mental health

Mental wellbeing of our people is our number one goal. We have joined hands with different mental health organizations and contribute to the timely discovery, prevention, and resolution of mental health-related challenges. We are also constantly education ourselves about mental health awareness and happiness topics.

Sustainable software solutions

We follow sustainable software development and green computing priciples to reduce energy consumption and waste. Our Helmes Way method focuses on efficient development through optimized design, functionality, data structures, energy consumption, and hardware. We also work with Greentech projects to launch new technologies quickly and with top quality.

Environmentally responsible organization

Our eco-friendly offices use natural/recycled materials, energy automation, and sustainable products. We prioritize recycling and have strict waste-sorting policies for paper, packaging, batteries, toner cartridges, and IT equipment. We invest time and money to find and use environmentally friendly alternatives whenever possible.

Social responsibility

In collaboration with cancer patients support fund Gift of Life we develop a software solution that make their work more efficient, enabling more people to get the cure they need. We prioritize reducing our environmental footprint and regularly contribute to environmental charities. As a company, we strive to benefit the environment and help more people receive the treatment they need.

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Get in touch! Contact any of our people or drop us a line at info@helmes.com. Let’s discuss your software development plans.