Insurance Software Development Services

We help agencies and brokerages sell more policies, maintain great relationships with customers and partners, and receive a reliable and accurate analysis of performance indicators and overall trends.

As an insurance software development company, our goal is to use our technical expertise to meet clients’ business challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Custom insurance software development

We build turnkey software that perfectly fits your company’s processes and vision. This includes many kinds of applications: insurance CRMs, self-service portals for policyholders, business intelligence suites, and more.

Systems integration

We connect your company’s custom-built insurance system to other business software, such as HRMs, ERPs, and LMSs. Uniting all the data streams in one place will do wonders for the productivity of your teams.

Insurance mobile app development

We use native and cross-platform technologies to enable your agents to work efficiently from anywhere and allow your customers to access your services however they like.

Dedicated teams

We provide teams of skilled engineers with strong knowledge of the insurance industry for you to quickly build and scale development capabilities. Whether it’s creating a solution from scratch or just extending your in-house tech team — we have you covered.

Types of insurance software we develop

Depending on the needs of your organization, the term “insurance software” might mean many things. Luckily, we are adept at developing them all. We can either build these applications from scratch or extend the ones you are already using.

If the software you are looking to develop is not on this list, don’t hesitate to reach out — we will be happy to tell you more about our experience.

Claims management software

ACORD-compliant systems that automate claims processing, point out suspicious applications, and help you keep policyholders happy

Policy management software

Solutions that automate quoting, provide templates for popular products (e.g. health or automobile insurance), and remind your customers to renew their policies

Underwriting software

Systems that automatically gauge risks, quickly prepare quotes, and make paper documents a thing of the past

Fraud prevention software

Solutions that use advanced machine learning technologies to detect suspicious claims and prevent unwarranted payouts

Insurance CRMs

Software that automates sales activities, keeps detailed data on customers and ultimately helps increase revenue

Marketing automation solutions

Systems that let you manage all promotional activities across multiple channels in one place and receive an accurate analysis of marketing KPIs

Customer-facing portals and apps

Web and mobile applications that let current and prospective policyholders learn about your product, contact your team, and purchase insurance with little to no involvement from your staff

Insurance marketplaces

Comprehensive and secure portals that bring together agents, brokers and customers

Insurance niches we cover

Automotive and Logistics

Receive FNOLs online and process them on the fly. Connect with repairers. Automate the claims journey


Connect with partners and hospitals across the world. Keep in touch with policyholders. Provide top-notch customer service anywhere

Real estate

Get exact estimates of property values. Streamline payouts. Gain more corporate customers


Automatically verify claim validity. Estimate the size of the payout. Do it all in a GDPR-compliant way

Insurance software company you can trust

Helmes has rightly earned the respect of insurance businesses across the world. This is why.

Industry expertise

Working in the insurance industry for decades has helped us learn this field inside out.

Solid references

Customers are so satisfied with our work that they end up staying with Helmes for 10+ years.


Having 1000+ employees on board lets us adjust the size of the team quickly to keep up with the needs of our clients.