How Axell Claims is Taking Insurance Automation to Another Level

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Eliis Väert

Gaining the upper hand in fierce business competition is about providing something extra regarding customer satisfaction. We like to call this something extra “seamless service”.

The life, health, and disability insurance business is growing fast. More and more clients consider insurance service as a hygienic factor for a sustainable future. However, the process and communication of the service itself is often a real paper chase.

Axell Claims saw an opportunity to take the insurance business to another level. The idea, in short, was bringing in the speed, digital service, and clear communication for the benefit of the clients, as well as for the business.

The ambition was to develop automated IT solutions that would support the insurers and their clients and make injury-claims handling paperless, quick, and therefore lower the costs. In addition, the goal was to make the communication with the clients comprehensible and clear.

With the help of Helmes, the ambition came alive in the shape of an automated platform that connects the victim, client, advocate, and insurer, and guarantees a smooth exchange of information.

Reaching New Heights in Insurance Automation

Thousands of clients, one automated communication channel

The platform helps to optimize insurance companies’ everyday work by reducing administrative tasks of staff when handling applications for policies or claims. As many actions as possible have been automated, with a transparent process, and as a result, there is now more room for the human factor between the insurer and the customer.

In other words, Axell Claims provides insurance companies with an automated platform that makes the processes of concluding insurance contracts, asserting and confirming claims, fast and comfortable for the end-customer and for the business.

How does the automated platform work?

It’s simple! The end-customer can make a request for the desired insurance service or submit a claim at an online service portal without excessive and complex paperwork. The client then receives comprehensible, swift feedback.

Running in the background of this process, the automated system knows which different experts and counterparts to include for the final assessment and validation for the request or the claim.

24/7 access

The client has 24/7 access to all the related information and therefore has no need to make time-consuming investigations into the vast maze of insurance processes.

For the business, this makes a huge difference in the number of contacts to the call center; claim handlers now have more time for client service with a personal approach.

Graceful integration

Helmes has broad experience in designing, developing, maintaining and hosting software solutions for the insurance industry. In this case, Helmes also holds the role of a translator, which interprets the functional requirements of Axell Claims into a technical design.

To enable the support of various business processes in the insurance industry, Helmes and Axell have developed components that can be re-used in many different situations. The standardized components can be customized and combined with the needs of the user, thus creating rule-based business solutions that support all phases in the insurance process. For example, just to name a few of the components:

  • FNOL (first notification of loss)
  • Policy Coverage checks
  • Claim management
  • Claim verifications
  • Claim calculations
  • Claim reservations
  • Payment
  • Insurance offerings
  • Insurance application
  • Insurance mutations
  • Administration
  • Secure data exchange and communication between insurer, customer and third-party vendors
  • Standardization and automation of (non-added) value activities
  • Management information and predictive analytics
  • Fraud prevention checks

In other words, the insurers are provided with an automated modular software platform that consists of standardized building blocks, and they can then create a customized work environment from them. The result is in the shape of an online service portal.

The major strength of Axell Claims is that all the platforms for different business needs can be integrated seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure of the insurer. Plus, the platform has now been perfected in a way that it is also suitable for other industries, such as health care and government.

From zero to insurance automation hero

In the old days the insurance or claim request was about long and confusing e-mails or troubled customer phone calls. The communications ping-pong was often clouded with the risk of getting lost in translation – both ways.

But now:

  • Administrative processes are 25% faster;
  • Cost of claims is 20% lower;
  • Multiple communication channels have been reduced to one;
  • Business is functioning in smart automatic processes;
  • There’s no more need for time-consuming management with paper files – all the information is digital and processes are transparent;
  • Insurers significantly increase their Net Promoter Score and double the number of applications. According to a performance monitor for IPI insurances in 2018, the platform of Axell was selected best in the market by the insurance agents (source: IG&H); and,
  • Last but not least, contact with an insurance company is now a positive experience for the clients.

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