Machine and Deep Learning Consulting Services – Helmes

The Helmes team offers a wealth of hands-on experience in the ML field. An integral part of our growing AI consulting practice, machine learning consulting focuses on the more complex cases and technology implementation scenarios involving self-learning, self-improving algorithms that have direct access to data and are capable of working in a semi- or fully autonomous mode.


The advent of machine learning and its more advanced version, deep learning, marked a new era for a lot of disciplines, including natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, high-frequency trading, data analysis, business intelligence, and others.


As a machine learning consulting company, we help clients take advantage of the growing potential of AI technologies and show them how their business can benefit from ML and DL today and in the future.


Our Machine Learning Consulting Services

Our machine learning consulting capabilities span a wide range of industries and vertical solutions with the highest potential return from the implementation of ML and DL. With an impressive portfolio of enterprise systems, we are very aware of the challenges that businesses face on a daily basis and can usher our clients to the most cost-effective and value-packed solutions.


Machine learning and deep learning are widely used in the healthcare industry to simulate chemical and biochemical processes, design new drugs, analyze large arrays of medical data, and make accurate predictions.

Telecom and enterprise security

Machine learning algorithms and neural networks help detect anomalies in network traffic, prevent fraud and hacking attempts, implement fast and accurate face detection systems, voice-based user authentication tools, and other intelligent security solutions.


The insurance industry uses machine learning and deep learning algorithms to automate data input and validation, implement intelligent scoring algorithms, detect risks at an early stage, and create new insurance products.


Machine learning and deep learning technologies are at the core of any autonomous driving project on the market. They are widely used both in vehicles and the road and smart-city infrastructure meant to keep passengers and pedestrians safe.

Financial services

Machine learning and deep learning technologies are used extensively in automated trading systems, next-gen digital banking platforms, and microloan services for process automation, risk assessment, and demand prediction.

Marketing automation

ML and DL algorithms help e-commerce sites and platforms identify emerging trends, create accurate customer profiles, optimize customer journeys, automate inventory and supply-chain management flows, as well as generate highly personalized offers.

Deep learning consulting services from Helmes ensure that every investment in the development and integration of intelligent tools is justified and yields predictable results leading to improved business outcomes.

Helmes takes full advantage of tried-and-tested ML and DL tools by tailoring them to the needs of particular clients and their business challenges and using, when needed, the most innovative, experimental technologies to solve non-trivial tasks:


Metric learning / Few-shot learning / Clustering / (Un)supervised learning


TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, Spark ML, Torch, Huggingface, Keras


Google ML Kit, Core ML


Google AI, Azure AI, AWS