Helmes’ Expertise in Custom Software Solutions for Telecom Operators: A Look at Our Successful Projects

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Viesturs Bulāns
Partner, Business Area Lead

Telecom operators need custom software solutions to manage their vast networks and provide reliable customer service. Helmes is proud to have completed numerous custom software projects for European telecoms. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of our successful projects in the industry and showcase our expertise.

It’s important to note that this is just a fragment of our portfolio, as we have more than 100 people from several countries working on different international telecom operator software projects.

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Custom Software Solutions for Telecom Operators

  1. SAP ERP
  2. Oracle SOA integration platform
  3. Document management system
  4. Electronic Communications Services
  5. HR solution
  6. Employee self-service portal
  7. Next Generation Intelligent Network solution
  8. Field service management solution
  9. Address Codifier and Maintenance Tool
  10. Claim management solution
  11. Solution for faster customer service
  12. Providing network assurance & analytics tools for large-scale telecom companies
  13. Building a platform for running analytical tests on telecom networks
  14. Building self-service platforms for a major telephone operator
  15. Retail store stocktaking system
  16. A self-service checkout system
  17. Logistics management software
  18. Supply-chain management information system
  19. eSIM technology integration platform (CeSIM)
  20. MultiSIM / MultiDevice services
  21. Roaming agreements management platform


We implemented a unified company-wide enterprise resource planning solution for the client. After the implementation, we have continuously supported SAP ERP implementation, executed new system functionalities, expanded and adjusted system use via several integrations with various other internal and external systems, and covered the scope of the client group of companies.

2. Oracle SOA integration platform

The integration platform enables the exchange of data between the internal and external systems of the client. Over the years, the integration platform has changed technologically and, in essence, as customer requirements and business change.

Many integrated systems are business critical, such as customer management, service delivery, billing, network management, and a failure system.

3. Document management system

Document management system with customized workflows for processing different kinds of legal documents with different and unique flows. The system has many customizations  – e-signature, the special numbering of documents, and decryption of documents while documents are uploaded – allowing the system to process documents with needed changes. They are based on Microsoft SharePoint.

4. Electronic Communications Services

Electronic Communications Services is a system for communication with the client’s customers. The system allows serving new and existing customers with automatically processed documents, including agreements for several telecom services.

5. HR solution

Human resource and payroll management system which provides:

  • the possibility to arrange, standardize, automate, and increase the efficiency of personnel management processes.
  • support the company in the creation of a work schedule and ensure proper timesheet data recording.
  • payroll accounting, with the possibility to perform complex bonus and withholding calculations.

6. Employee self-service portal

A portal integrated with an HR solution where employees can plan and re-plan days off, apply for vacations, view their application status and management approvals, and see relevant information about themselves, etc.

7. Next Generation Intelligent Network solution

Individually developed Next Generation Intelligent Network solution (NGIN) is an alternative to ready-made solutions.

Our experts researched the old system solution and offered a unique product that meets the set requirements:

  • Number portability Service
  • Emergency Call
  • Carrier preSelect
  • Mobile Carrier preSelect
  • Barring Type 6.

The solution was developed on open-source services (including Flask (Python), SQLAlchemy, AngularJS (Web GUI), MySQL, and PowerDNS).

8. Field service management solution

Field service management (FSM) is a system of managing off-site workers and the resources they require to do their jobs efficiently.

The system functionality includes workflows and the division of work between the fitters, integration with other internal and external systems, registering the signing of documents with the customer about completed work, notifications about the fitter’s arrival times, and tracking how the fitter arrives. It also includes business logic, how to find the most suitable fitter with requested skills and equipment according to customer order, calendar function, and more.

9. Address Codifier and Maintenance Tool

The Address Codifier and Maintenance Tool is very important for keeping correct information about the company’s main assets. This tool is integrated with the official state address system. It provides the option of correcting the data – for example clarifying the coordinates and postal code and adding a codifier. The tool consists of a database, user interface, and integration with the national address register for more accurate information from a secure, verified, and original source. It helps to develop and maintain the company network infrastructure and expand the service.

The company’s information about its network (cables and other elements) should meet the standards of state institutions on paper and in life.

10. Claim management solution

The claim management system’s main function is to accept and process customer complaints about settlements. The system provides automatic claim registration, response preparation, and automatic revisions. It also prepares answers from templates while reviewing and reconciling the workflow.

Also, it performs signing and sending while keeping the history of customer communications while integrating it with the payment system and other internal systems.

11. Credit control solution

The credit control system ensures the collection of data about the customer from external sources and internal company systems to score the customer’s credit risk according to the credit policy criteria developed by the company.

12. Solution for faster customer service

The diagnostic tool provides client-end devices access to test both network connectivity and device operation. Remote automatic configuration of the machine can also be performed. Customer service specialists use this tool to detect and assess potential damage during a call which helps to save resources and time for problem-solving.

13. Network assurance & analytics tools for large-scale telecom companies

Helmes offers subscriber-based automated assurance and analytics tools, location intelligence, and optimization solution built on the industry’s first cloud-native, microservices-based real-time intelligence platform.

14. A platform for running analytical tests on telecom networks

This project seeks to establish configurable adaptive data pipelines by combining data science and backend development. Our team is working with a VisionWorks automated end-to-end service assurance product to build an event-driven application on top of Kubernetes to achieve that.

15. A self-service platform for a major telephone operator

Our efforts include rebuilding and redesigning modern and robust self-service platforms and e-shops for our clients. Helmes is a technology partner for online sales channels and business support systems. We provide consultancy, development, and support services 24/7.

16. Retail store stocktaking system

We adapted RFID (radio-frequency identification) stickers and a remote scanner to register products at a distance. This technology means you just have to move around the shop with a scanner in your hand, pointing it towards your goods, and it automatically registers them.

Let’s say you have 500 items on a shelf. Today you would need to take them, find a barcode, and register these items. An RFID remote scanner can read stickers even when not facing the scanner. Also, if one product is behind another, it registers them both. The scanner can be adjusted to read products from roughly 10 meters; you can choose how sensitive the scanner is.

Store stocktaking can be done in minutes with a walk. You don’t need to close the shop or work at night anymore. Imagine the money you gain or save; your workers will also thank you.

17. A self-service checkout system

Telia Finland opened its flagship store in the Mall of Tripla, now the largest mall in the Nordic area. It was designed to be the biggest and the most modern retail location to show its customers and investors what it can do. But they wanted a whole new concept for the store that would change how people shop.

Helmes partnered with Telia on their cash register system in the past, and we met with them and brainstormed how to make a new self-checkout system that would be a novel experience for their customers.

By making it even faster and more comfortable, a seamless experience that defies the customers’ expectations. Helmes and Telia partnered with a Finnish company, Turck Vilant Systems, to develop our new concept. We said goodbye to barcodes and beeping noises and said hello to RFID (radio-frequency identification) stickers.

18. Logistics management software

The logistics management software has been a huge success. It has led Telia to a fundamental business win by filling a gap of actual and beneficial needs. Hence, the COLT tool has been developed into an international instrument and used in six countries where Telia operates (i.e., Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania).

19. Supply-chain management information system

This project aimed to implement the supply-chain management information system developed in Estonia after customization and localization in seven Telia countries. A pilot project was carried out at one site. After this, Helmes carried out implementation and integration work in two countries simultaneously. At the same time, the core of the supply-chain management system was developed, and each implemented system was supported and maintained.

Implementation involves integration with almost 30 different information systems; in each country, the supply-chain management information system interfaces with different ERP solutions (e.g., SAP, Scala, Oracle, Oracle 1B, EBS, and custom ERP systems), the warehouse, couriers’ systems, and the provider’s information systems (such as Nokia, Samsung, and Apple), and so on.

20. eSIM technology integration platform (CeSIM)

CeSIM is the Central eSIM integration platform for Telia companies and service providers across seven countries. It implements consumer eSIM standards and provides abstract API toward digital sales channels and self-service channels.

eSIM supports various consumer devices (wearables, smartphones, PCs, tablets).

It supports the most common business use cases on eSIM, including:

  • New subscription sale
  • New subscription + device sale
  • (e)SIM swap to new device
  • eSIM as a supplementary service for subscription
  • Pre-paid / travel / try & buy services

21. MultiSIM / MultiDevice services

These end-consumer services activate and manage eSIM-based subscriptions in a simple and integrated way with device native UI capabilities. They are explicitly designed to be used as a minimal and lean self-service capability on a user’s smartphone. User experience is tightly connected to native UI and designed/implemented with device vendors.

MultiSIM/MultiDevice services are currently developed for smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

The most common services are:

  • OneNumber service for smartwatches
  • eSIM transfer service to new device
  • Subscription signup on consumer devices

22. Roaming agreements management platform

This platform is a solution created for the roaming units of mobile operators.

It is a tool for managing operators’ roaming agreement contracts and pricing information. It provides process and task management for new and renewed agreements, including testing coordination and opening services with operators.

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Viesturs Bulāns
Partner, Business Area Lead

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