Helmes Offers Artificial Intelligence Consulting and Development Services

Meet Helmes. We help identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, dramatically improve the quality of data analysis, and take process automation to an entirely new level using mainstream and custom AI solutions. Our main principle is to use AI only where it can really shine and yield tangible benefits to the client, unlocking new efficiencies across accustomed business flows.

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Our AI Development Services

Whether on the cutting edge or in the cloud, we use a mix of advanced automation, big data orchestration, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms to capture data effectively, create clean data sets, train neural networks to the required level of accuracy, and, ultimately, build smart, autonomous systems that are fast, less prone to error, and value-driven by nature.

AI-powered chatbots and assistants

AI-powered bots are used as an alternative or extension for live support staff. They can engage in reasonably complex conversations, instantly search for data, perform actions, and provide on-the-spot responses while interacting with users in a very realistic and friendly manner.

Image recognition and computer vision

AI and ML technologies are a perfect fit for image recognition and computer vision tasks and are used very widely in this field. AI tech covers everything from fully automatic image categorization and sorting to real-time object tracking and face recognition for corporate security systems.

Voice analysis and NLP

AI is applied for building systems that are instrumental in analyzing human speech at different levels, performing deep semantic and modality analysis, and producing highly realistic, human-like responses using advanced TTS engines.

Business intelligence and analytics

AI is getting increasing traction in business analysis and financial forecasting systems thanks to its innate ability to go through vast arrays of data, detect process anomalies, developing trends, and cyclic events, then turn these abilities into actionable executive-level insights.

Our artificial intelligence consulting and development services are based on tried and tested tools and an exponentially growing diversity of novelty neural network types and algorithms, each meticulously hand-picked to be the best match for the task at hand:


AI development services and solutions provided by Helmes can be adapted to the needs of any organization that strives to reduce tedious manual work, accelerate clogged document pipelines, or implement systems that would be impossible without the latest advancements in image recognition, natural language processing, deep semantic analysis, real-time traffic processing, and other areas.


Metric learning / Few-shot learning / Clustering / (Un)supervised learning


TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, Spark ML, Torch, Huggingface, Keras


Google ML Kit, Core ML


Google AI, Azure AI, AWS

Our AI Consulting Services

We offer professional AI consulting services to companies exploring potential AI-related business opportunities:


  • Real-time traffic analysis
  • Automated infrastructure management
  • Data security
  • Marketing automation


  • Real-time process adjustment
  • Fleet management
  • Automated scheduling
  • Predictive maintenance


  • Fraud prevention
  • Business process automation
  • Improved scoring
  • Predictive analysis


  • Automated form processing
  • Risk assessment
  • Financial forecasting
  • New product development

Health care

  • Image processing and analysis
  • Prediction of health outcomes
  • AI on the edge
  • NLP tools for patient care


  • Predictive maintenance
  • Pipeline optimization
  • Supply chain management
  • Detection of manufacturing defects