We build software to build your business

We believe

Anyone can write code. But not everyone can assemble multiple teams of highly motivated IT professionals to create software that drives a client’s business.

We believe that if a client’s investment in Helmes is not either producing revenue, optimizing for efficiency or creating savings, the investment is hardly an investment – it is money wasted.

Helmes is an international software house headquartered in Tallinn, with clients across all of Europe. The long-term success of Helmes is built on lasting partnerships that bring about tangible business gains for our clients.

1000+ experts
44m+ annual turnover
30+ years
23+ markets
93m+ end-users

Our clients

For over 30 years in business we have provided custom software development services to more than 500 organizations. Our clients are the leading telecom operators, banks, insurance companies, logistics corporations, healthcare providers and government institutions.

Our processes & services

Our partners trust us with the design, development, maintenance and aftercare of their most business-critical software solutions and complex system integration projects.

We specialize in

  • Creation of custom software solutions
  • Licensing solutions for ready-made software
  • Integration of software and IOT
  • Consulting

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"A healthy partnership means we say what we think and the client says what they think. Our project tracking systems allow the client to see in real time what we're doing, but the relationships are generally so good I'd be surprised if they're actually checking up on us."

– Eliis Väert Helmes Business Unit Manager


The Helmes organization is structured from professional partnerships.

Our employee reward system takes a page from law firms and consultancies, with every employee financially tied to the success of his/her client relationship.

Every client has a dedicated team of five to seven members. Teams enjoy great independence but take full ownership of the partnership.

A single team, the administration team, serves the development teams, ensuring access to world-class tools and enabling a constant flow of ideas and best practices.