Start Your Professional Career With Helmes

Hey Student! Would You Like To Learn How To Combine Your Studies With Work In A Cool Software Firm?

Ian Nelis, Team Leader of one of Estonia’s largest software firms Helmes, will explain how you can launch your career in a big company, while still studying and doing so with an extremely flexible part-time workload.

Starting your professional career in a software firm, offers excellent opportunities for acquiring practical IT skills and pursuing a career in this field.

We in Helmes, will give you all the support needed, so that you can blend in quickly and kick-start your development. To make the most of your time with us, we have a rule that all Helmes trainees and junior specialists are given a personal mentor to help them.

The most important thing is not to get so carried away by work that school remains unfinished. That is why the workload is organised in such a manner that there is sufficient time to attend lectures and to complete all school work correctly.

The work schedule is organised by taking into account study periods, for example, the workload is more substantial in summer and lighter in the autumn, to leave more time for school.

There is also considerable flexibility when it comes to the places where work is physically carried out – either in the Helmes head office in the Ülemiste City in Tallinn, at the home office or a client’s place.

To combine the studies and work as seamlessly as possible, as a rule, we offer part-time jobs to students who have completed most of the curriculum already, i.e. mainly third-year students and those studying for a master’s degree.

So, if you are looking for an opportunity to jump start your professional career, send your Job applications via the Helmes career page: or by E-mail:

All current part-time positions are filled, but by sending us your job application you will be among the first we contact for the new position!

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