6 Things Helmes’ Recruiters Look for on Your Application

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Urmet Seepter
Manager of Digital Marketing

There is no doubt that the pandemic has heavily shaken today’s job market in the tech world. Since the field is now more competitive than ever, it is crucial to have a genuinely outstanding CV so that you will be remembered.

To stand out and help you show your true colors, our recruiters in Helmes have given you a few hints to bear in mind when creating your CV and application documents. These insights from our recruiters will give you an excellent overview of what to pay attention to when taking your first steps in entering the tech world as a junior specialist.

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1. Have a great introduction about yourself

When our recruiters start going through your resume, the introduction is as critical as any other bit of the CV. Make sure that you give insight into who you are and have an excellent summary of yourself.

Describe, for example, in three sentences what you are looking to gain, what you are passionate about, and what the team or company as a whole would gain from hiring you. Taking this step will help you tie your CV together.

2. How much do you know about the position?

When you are applying to a specific position, you should always find some more insight into the company’s way of working. For example, what are the organization’s central values, its services, and where do you fit the best in its environment?

Doing your research on the position you are applying for is the most crucial point to follow, as it will give you a solid idea of what you will be doing in your future job. Reading some of the blogs and case studies the organization has published can also help you understand the company’s ways of doing things. The main idea of this tip is to create your CV according to the position, so the recruiters will be sure that you are familiar with your future job.

3. Make your LinkedIn informative and specific

At the beginning of your profile, make sure you have a short description of yourself in the about section; it is usually the first thing our recruiters want to read when opening your page. When adding your previous work experience on LinkedIn, describe any projects and tasks you had involvement with, which will give a more detailed picture of your skills and knowledge.

Don’t also hesitate to add all the volunteer work you have done, school and hobby projects you were involved with, and licenses and certificates that you have earned – this is important as well!

4. Open up about yourself

Although our recruiters in Helmes are more than interested in the projects you have made and your professional background, there is nothing more important to them than getting to know the real you. So when you are applying your CV, make sure it also mentions all the great hobbies or other activities you do in your spare time, whether it is skydiving during summer or reading a book in a hammock.

This will help us understand how you have balanced your life outside of work and create insight into what you will bring to the organization’s environment. It will also help us design your development plan and understand the bigger picture of yourself in the early stages. You could also add some personal achievements that support the work you will be doing in your future position.

5. Experience and skills are not always the most important asset

Although the demand for senior IT specialists has set high standards in the job market, there are many positions where having excellent technical skills or previous professional experience is not the most critical asset of a candidate. But when applying, you should always evaluate if your competence is enough for the position or not.

For example, suppose one of the requirements for junior developers expects at least one year’s worth of experience, but the candidate has none. In that case, unfortunately, we can’t continue the recruitment process as this is a primary requirement.

Although we can’t make many concessions regarding technical skills for many positions, not everything is carved in stone. So if you are applying and can’t tick all the boxes in the requirements field, that is fine – try anyway and give your best to show us who you truly are as a person.

6. Remind us about you!

If you did not get selected for a specific position, don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that you are not suitable for Helmes. It might just be that our recruiters find that your ambitions and skills match better with another position, which isn’t unfortunately available at the moment. If this is the case, do not hesitate to stay in touch with us. In Helmes, we try our best to find opportunities for active, enthusiastic, and persistent people like you. So don’t be afraid to remind us about you!

Nothing brings up a bigger smile to our recruiters than seeing a great personality behind a CV. This previous sentence also sums up this blog perfectly, as it gives you the essence of the most important thing when applying for a job in Helmes. It might sound like a cliche, but “Be Yourself.” Do that, and there might be a chance that we will be seeing you in our office next time!

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Manager of Digital Marketing
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