WEBINAR: Sustainable software development and green code

Digital transformation is rapidly reshaping industries, but there is an “invisible” problem: ICT already has a bigger environmental footprint than aviation or road transport, and it is increasing much faster. But there is a huge difference between green code and not-so-green code.

Our webinar will highlight the pressing need to ensure that digitalization is not just innovative, but also sustainable.

Watch the recording below.


“The ‘invisible’ footprint of ICT and why the future software is green.”

MEELIS LANG: Chief Innovation Officer at Helmes, Success Strategist and mentor for many startups, lecturer at TalTech.

“Green software: main pillars and practical work principles you can start implementing today.”

KASPAR KINSIVEER: Team Lead and Sustainable Software Strategist at Helmes.

Let’s get to work

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