Making Healthcare Service Flows More Efficient With Custom Software

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Hospitals and other healthcare providers worldwide are facing the same challenge: how to provide quality health services to a growing number of patients while reducing the workload of medical specialists with the help of technology. The global pandemic has further exacerbated the situation by putting an extra burden on the medical system.

While healthcare providers already employ a number of IT systems, the legacy software is often cumbersome and doesn’t integrate well with other parts of their systems. This results in inefficient service flows. We’re glad that Helmes has been able to step in and help healthcare institutions home and abroad make their service flows more efficient by optimizing and upgrading their existing software solutions and integrating new modules with the systems.

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#1 Bookings module optimization for hospitals

The challenge: A high number of patient no-shows caused long queues for other patients and many expensive devices were underutilized. The hospitals already had existing software and did not want to build the entire system from scratch.

The solution: Helmes built a digital bookings module with a central hub that manages and arranges appointments and resources. A smart algorithm enables double bookings to reduce the impact of no-shows.

The result: The number of completed CAT scans increased by nearly 70%. The hospital served more than 30,000 extra patients and conducted more than 200,000 additional tests annually.

#2 Pharmacy network procurement management system

The problem: The existing stock management software of a pharmacy network was inefficient and hard to use, which led to wasted work time and many lost sales opportunities.

The solution: The flexible modular procurement suite developed by Helmes empowered the employees to digitize their drug stock management practices and optimize workflow.

Combined with a robust selling module and a procurement analytics toolkit, the team could eliminate time-consuming tasks and improve productivity.

The result: Thanks to accurate statistics, the customer’s sales increased by up to 10%.

#3 Dictation module tailored for radiologists

The challenge: A medical center was experiencing an increased demand for radiology services with a limited number of radiologists available. They hypothesised that a dictation model tailored for radiologists would allow the specialists to fill in records faster and free up their valuable time.

The solution: Together with a local university, the customer initiated the development of a speech recognition component tailored for the radiology domain. As the hospital information system developer, Helmes integrated the speech recognition component to store the transcriptions into the patient’s health record and make it available to other doctors treating the patient.

The result: Thanks to the dictation module, the radiologists’ productivity increased by 30%.

… plus some other projects

Additional projects for the healthcare sector that we have recently completed or are currently working on include:

  • Insulin Pump Monitoring and Analytics Software (ongoing project) – The goal is to create an application to assist diabetes patients and their doctors. The solution is designed to get FDA approval.
  • Telehealth Solution for Real-time Video Doctor Consultations – The solution allows doctors to connect across a wide network of partner clinics and exchange information easily and securely. Doctors can take full advantage of the platform’s scheduling, data exchange, teleconferencing and integration features, allowing them to deliver high-level patient care to up to 20 online patients a day.
  • Mobile App for Patient-generated Data Gathering – Doctors can communicate with patients through a mobile app to follow treatment progress, amend prescriptions if needed and stimulate recovery.

Have an idea? We’ll make IT happen!

Over the past 30 years, Helmes has completed hundreds of custom software projects for different industries, including healthcare, in more than 20 countries. As a result, we’re accustomed to working with key state institutions and multinationals as well as fast-growing startups and scaleups and have developed unique methods for successful collaboration across industries and state borders.

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