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We are a sustainable, efficient, and top-ranked IT outsourcing partner delivering outstanding service quality. We offer tech strategy, service design, software development, mobile app development, and data management. 
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Trusted partner for international brands

Our 1,400 employees serve our international clients from offices in 14 locations. Our clients are the leading telecom operators, banks, insurance, retail and mobility companies, healthcare providers and government institutions.

A unique work method that guarantees +150% efficiency

We call it The Helmes Way. For several decades we’ve worked to perfect it. The Helmes Way ensures our customers build the enterprise software they need to grow their business. 

Our methods also enable at least 150% efficiency both in delivery and ownership costs compared to other outsourcing models.


Our customers find our services exceptional

Our top 15 customers have been with us for more than 10 years on average, trusting us with the development of their business-critical software. 

Our customers find our service quality outstanding. We have an NPS of 61 in an industry where 30 is considered very good.

We don’t just build enterprise software — we build business relationships. Our early insights and end results routinely exceed customer expectations.

We are often ranked as the best external software development partner by our customers.

Social responsibility

Even though custom software development is our passion, we do care about many other things as well. On a company level we contribute to the following initiatives.

Sustainable software solutions

We investigate, teach, and promote the opportunities that the sustainable software development and green computing offer to reduce relative energy consumption and waste (both physical and virtual). Our unique software development method, the Helmes Way, focuses on efficient software development that is based on these keywords: optimized solution design, optimized functionality, optimized data structures, optimized energy consumption, optimized hardware. We also welcome Greentech customers and projects, empowering them to launch new green technologies faster and with top-industry quality.

Environmentally responsible organization

Our offices are designed with a minimum carbon footprint in mind, using natural or recycled materials wherever possible. We’ve implemented sustainable energy automation in our office to ensure that energy consumption is optimized. We choose environmentally friendly products whenever suitable alternatives are available, and we invest considerable effort and budget into finding these alternatives. We strive to ensure that the waste Helmes creates is recycled and utilized. We have a strict waste-sorting policy in every office. Our waste consists mainly of paper, packaging, electric batteries, toner cartridges, and IT equipment. We sort our waste as much as possible.

Strong focus on mental health

Mental wellbeing of our people is our number one goal. We have joined hands with different mental health organizations and contribute to the timely discovery, prevention, and resolution of mental health-related challenges. We are also constantly education ourselves about mental health awareness and happiness topics.

Social responsibility

In collaboration with cancer patients support fund Gift of Life we develop a software solution that make their work more efficient, enabling more people to get the cure they need. We encourage our people to think about the footprint of their daily activities. We learn every day how to function as a company so that our footprint would be as small as possible, and our activity would benefit the whole environment. Our people contribute regularly to environmental charity projects like maintaining forests.

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Get in touch! Contact any of our people or drop us a line at info@helmes.com. Let’s discuss your software development plans.