Digital Healthcare Solutions

We are a digital innovation partner which has been focused on delivering mission-critical solutions and complex system integration projects in healthcare for 15+ years.

We’ve worked with healthcare organizations, medical ISVs, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, governments, and other organizations. Solutions made by Helmes are used worldwide and often have a very large user base.

Meet us at MEDICA 2022.

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Priit Siilaberg
+372 528 4980

Some of our success stories in the healthcare sector

The first state e-prescription service in the world

of users satisfied with the service
80 million
prescriptions issued each year
of state pharmacies use the platform
of state citizens use the service regularly

Our hospital resource management system

patients annually per 1 hospital
studies annually per 1 hospital
efficiency of CAT studies
efficiency in serving patients

Our experience in healthcare innovations

15+ years of state-level healthcare innovations

The first in the world: E-prescription

Helmes created the first digital prescription platform in the world. We helped develop a nationwide EHR system that integrates health data across all care providers and makes it available to doctors and patients online. We also built a centralized, paperless system for issue and handling of medical prescriptions.

Working with Helmes is easy

Thanks to our Quick Start framework, we can start a project within a week or two, without having to wait until an exhaustive set of requirements is developed.

Our clients say that with us, starting is easy and the whole software development process is hassle free. But it´s better to experience it yourself. Put our software development experience to work for you:

Priit Siilaberg
+372 528 4980