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Discover the power in the data you already have, or lay the groundwork to get the data you need. Helmes provides Power BI services for clients throughout Europe. Business intelligence and data analytics aren’t just for large corporations: startups and small businesses, by collecting data in the right way from the start, will position themselves with a powerful advantage.

  • 1New insights through data analytics
  • 2Discover more powerful KPIs
  • 3Create dashboards and data-driven visualizations
  • 4Let data guide your UX
  • 5Exploit data storytelling
  • 6Gain efficiency through ROB modeling

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7 ways how data analytics will help you prevail in the post crisis world

7 ways how data analytics will help you prevail in the post crisis world

The world economy has suffered greatly during the COVID-19 crisis, but with data analytics, one can prevail and help thrive in the upcoming new world. In the past, we’ve seen…

Data Analytics Outsourcing Process

Data Analytics Outsourcing Process

In the previous part, the advantages and disadvantages of data analytics outsourcing vs building your own in-house capability, the overall conclusion was that outsourcing data analytics shouldn’t be an issue…

An all-star team of data experts


Renee spent ten years with Microsoft where he was tasked with finding new business opportunities in data. For Helmes clients, he uses his skills to turn data into credible, actionable information to support business-changing decisions.

He's a believer that you don't need truckloads of money to do data right, as long as you get off on the right foot. He loves working with startups, because he believes the beginning is the best position to exploit data.

Renee’s degree is in computer and systems engineering, and he’s Helmes’ top data strategist.



Kätlin is an expert in using data to improve customer experiences, and she's been using Power BI to create dashboards from the beginning of time.

At Finnair she led the team who automated data so that managers were making decisions based on the same numbers. The system she created also allowed massive amounts of manpower to be redirected, since it virtually eliminated manual reporting.

Kätlin has degrees in finance and statistics and is also certified by Microsoft in Power BI.



Kristo is expert in improving ways data is captured, so that it produces the right kinds of insights. He's a veteran of projects in the fields of telecommunications, smart mobility, finance, and media.

Kristo first took an interest in data while working in the media business, where he built optimization models for media purchases. Since doing a Master's in software engineering, he's devoted himself fully to data. He recently authored a scientific paper on data, should you be looking to get technical.



Indrek's strength is providing intricate data analytics accompanied by detailed visualization.

His most recent project involved helping a Scandinavian retailer use data to understand its shopping environment — learning how certain stores attract customers and which customers are truly loyal.

With a Master’s degree in economics, Indrek’s idea of fun is creating detailed reports in Power BI and constructing data models in R.