Telia Company

20+ years

Telia Company is the largest telecommunication operator in the Northern Europe headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It has presence in Eurasian markets, featuring more than 25 million subscribers and more than 20.000 employees in total. Telia Company is known as the innovator and pioneer in technological changes in its respective markets.

Telecommunications sector is being pressured by various forces – from regulative (e.g. push for lesser roaming fees), technological (new powerful market entrants such as Google or Apple) to customer-oriented (expectation for ever better customer experience). The time to technologically adapt to these changes is often limited – and therefore agile approach to (re)creating Telia’s information systems is of paramount importance.

Helmes has taken the leading role in developing and integrating global information systems aimed at tracking the full lifecycle of electronics devices sold by Telia Company – from purchasing to logistics to sales and aftersales systems. These systems feature dozens of integrations to Telia’s internal and external applications. As a result, they consolidate data from various sources and allow for real-time process tracking and optimisation as well as backward analytics.

The system delivered by Helmes has gained a very good reputation, both as a state of the art logistics monitoring system and as a team cooperation model

Arild Strømhylden, Telia Company Global Delivery Project Manager
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