Building Logistics Management Software that Contributes to Sales Growth

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Arranging the logistics and delivery of any merchandise can be sometimes like a game of blind man’s bluff. There are many crucial information pieces that need to be accessible in real time, but often are not. This can result in errors in sales or in delivery, and in longer run – in the loss of customers.

To be competitive, one must continuously improve the quality of its service. This kind of development, however, requires the performance data to evaluate oneself.

The Telecommunication Company Telia realized they had several blind spots in their supply chain. For example, they were missing real-time data about:

  • Their precise stock status;
  • Whether all the delivery systems were functioning properly;
  • The status and location of deliveries; and
  • Whether all the warehouse and carrier parties were working according to the agreed SLA.

And these blind spots were a business risk.

This problem led to the development of logistics management software called COLT – Common Outbound Logistics Tool.

Building Logistics Management Software

Making the data accessible

The COLT logistics management software is, in principle, a mediator of the information of different counterparts. The main parties are the online store, the warehouse, the carriers, and customer care.

In short, the logistics management software tool records every little step that is related to the client’s purchase, from the moment the order gets submitted.

And this brings in the essential data:

  • Status of the delivery in real time;
  • The geographical location of the purchase; and
  • Date, time and location of the drop-off.

The real-time delivery status and location information is also available for the client. Additionally, the tool incorporates a communication module that enables sending notifications to the end customer; whether it’s about the status of a delivery, or a reminder if the purchase has arrived at a parcel machine.

More data, better sales

The overview of the stock and the delivery status is significant information for every sales-oriented business. This allows tailoring an extra-fine client service and attracting more loyal customers, but it also contributes to increased sales by making it possible to plan it meticulously.

What is the COLT logistics management software smart about?

  1. Collecting the purchase data and integrating it for future benefits. Information about a client’s purchase is stored, making every following sales process more efficient and seamless. This brings additional value for the company.
  2. The correct status of warehouse stock in real time. For example, if one customer in an online store adds an item to his or her shopping cart, then the product availability information is automatically updated for other customers. For sales personnel, this data allows the stores to inhibit the sale of any physical item that is in shortage. On the other hand, the system also knows when the next shipment is due. This way, a sale can be made with the notice of a solid time frame when the client will receive his or her purchase.
  3. The flexibility of shipment possibilities. The systems logistics tool decides what is the most reasonable way to supply the order. The system recognizes the location of the end customer from the purchase data and addresses the client to the most suitable store or depot to pick up the order.

The COLT logistics management software also has a database module of all the submitted orders and purchases. This creates a solid base of information that always gives Telia an unbeatable advantage – whether in tailoring customer service or in countless other new development possibilities.

Universally usable makes it economical

The COLT logistics management software has been a huge success. It has led Telia to a fundamental business win by filling a gap of actual and beneficial need. Hence, the COLT tool has now been developed into an international instrument and used in six countries where Telia operates (i.e., Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania).

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Altti Sevon, Telia Company Global Solution Architect

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