Data Warehouse Developer/Data Engineer 

Deadline 07.06.2022

We are hiring a mid-level Data Warehouse Developer. For the first 6-12 months, you will be implementing Microsoft SQL-based Data Warehouse Project for an international financial organization.

You are located in the country with Helmes’ office: Poland, Georgia, Estonia or Latvia.

In the long run, you will cover the full spectrum of data services. You will create ETL processes and data models and set up data warehouses on different platforms. You will also gather requirements from customers and build visual reporting dashboards.

We are not stuck with specific tools, and we use everything that suits the purpose of each project. That means you get a lot of experience.



  • At least 2 years of experience in working as SQL Developer/Data Warehouse Developer or Data Engineer 
  • Good SQL knowledge. The more of the Microsoft stack you have used, the better (MS SQL Server, MS SQL Server Integration Services, MS SQL Server Analysis Services, Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services)  
  • Experience with dimensional data modeling
  • Willingness to start on the Microsoft SQL stack for the first 6-12 months 
  • Excellent English language skills, both written and spoken
  • Ability and willingness to communicate with customers to clarify requirements and create solutions
  • Analytical mindset 


  • Higher education in IT/Statistics/Data Science or similar 
  • Experience with Python or R 

You will be doing

In the short run

  • Writing SQL on the Microsoft SQL platform for an international financial organization 
  • As your experience in the project grows, so will your responsibilities 
  • Participating in a modern agile development process with other Helmes team members

In the long run

  • Setting up ETL/ELT processes using script-based solutions such as Databricks, as well as GUI-based tools 
  • Setting up data warehouses, both on cloud and on-premises 
  • Creating data models 
  • Conducting meetings with customers gathering requirements and proposing solutions. 
  • Creating visualizations on platforms such as Power BI

Projects you will be involved in

  • We work with different customers from different domains
  • You will start with one customer on the Microsoft SQL stack and then move to other projects 
  • One day, you may spend time building marketing visualizations
  • Another day, you may be optimizing data models for a bank
  • On a third day, you may be importing logistics data to the data warehouse 
  • We try to keep the variance in the projects 

Benefits. What is in it for you? 

  • Opportunity to work with interesting data sets, various clients and challenging international projects
  • Insight into different tools on Google, AWS and Azure clouds, as well as on-premises solutions
  • Opportunity to use scripting, Python, but also GUI-based ETL tools
  • A large degree of autonomy and a chance to take responsibility
  • An experienced mentor who will guide you and provide you feedback for fast development
  • The absolute minimum amount of bureaucracy, being part of a small agile team
  • All the benefits of a modern workplace
  • Possibility to work from the home office for a large portion of your time. Coming to the office is totally fine too!
  • Read why Helmes is a great place to work
Deadline 07.06.2022

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