Helmes – a great place to work

Do you want to work at a place where you can feel good about yourself, work with people who are grounded, and offers the freedom to explore and evolve? Then hear our story out and start scrolling – Helmes might be the place for you.

A place where you can do your own thing

If you enter the Helmes office, you feel an undefinable serenity. People seem content and calm, but also motivated – motivated in a smart and healthy way. You will notice a kind of quiet internal confidence in the people of Helmes.

It looks as if they feel that they are surrounded with an atmosphere of freedom – freedom to feel comfortable in what they do and how they do it.

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People you want to hang out with

At Helmes you will be a part of a crew of nerds and you will be proud of it! This place has brought together friendly faces around the world. There are good people to team up with while innovating and upgrading, and just as important, while taking a break or some downtime after work.

The Helmes crew is undeniably a versatile bunch of people with a diverse list of hobbies. Whether you are into rock climbing, badminton, hiking, archery, choral singing, tennis, cycling, basketball, football, knitting, improv theatre, surfing, snowboarding, Pilates, salsa, racing, rollerblading, martial arts, triathlon, marathon races or motorcycles, one thing is certain – you will find your “partners in crime”.

Occasionally some Helmes office days end with a LAN party. Those days are focused on playing old school games such as Age of Empires II, Team Fortress II, Q3, Company of Heroes 2 – and all through Steam.

Or it could be a game of pool and table tennis or a session of sauna; this coming together at the office unites our kindred spirits.

A place where you can be smart

If you are good at what you do, you will get credit for it. If you want to become better, you are supported in it. At Helmes you can be independent and pursue your interests to become as smart and qualified as you want to be.

Whether you are into taking courses or you are more of a practitioner of self-education, the means are provided. It could start from a book lending library based on a cool face recognition feature, or classes in any specific subject you have in mind for self-improvement.

You can pick up new ideas at the annual inspiration events in Helmes. Twice a year the whole team is engaged in a Hack Day where you can learn something new, from robotics to artificial intelligence, and have fun while doing it. The year also includes an inspiration week and a TechNation Talks lecture series – not to mention that all of this takes place at the office.

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    Web Application Security: Client side & server side attacks (25-26.10 & 01-02.11.2021, Marko Belzetski)
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It’s simple

Helmes is simple. It is about doing a good job and caring about the people who do it.

It is the little things that show you are cared for. Sometimes it is just as simple as a good cup of coffee that can make the day, or a bite of fruit or a motivating sugar rush from a dessert at the office kitchen. Sometimes it may be a visit to the massage room that gets your inspiration going. Other times you simply need a good company and effortless conversation.

The most important thing to take with you from this – you will be welcomed, and you will find your good place and your people.