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  • Technological choices

    Over the course of time, I’ve had very interesting, funny, heated and even some irritating conversations with people over strategic and tactical technological choices. Since Helmes has a wide range…

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    by Sander Aiaots

  • Recipe for a potent culture

    Recipe for a potent culture

    If I had to define company culture, I’d say it’s pretty much like the mojo of Austin Powers. It fuels his supernatural abilities and in order to steal it, you’d…

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    by Evelin Lang

  • Agile 2.0

    Agile 2.0

    “I’m done with agile!” vowed a developer in a forum post I recently came across online. What followed was a heated thread of agile rage meeting agile creed. Apparently many…

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    by Raul Ennus

  • Growth patterns

    Growth patterns

    To a layperson, IT companies today seem like Disneyland. Ping-pong tables, saunas, free food and a lot of action on the social scene. The perks seem attractive to anyone outside…

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    by Kaire Kaljuste

  • Success Line

    Success Line

    Most development processes are just that – development processes – and gives other important aspects short shrift. I’m sure you’ve seen those diagrams where the description of the development process…

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    by Mattias Mölder

  • Tailored team models

    Tailored team models

    Helmes is capable of using nearly any cooperation model a client desires with only one caveat: every critical role and competence of software development project must be covered, so that…

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    by Eliis Väert